Arbois, city of wine

Louis Pasteur's house and laboratory conserved intact since his death ;
Pécauld's Castle with his vine and wine museum ;
Louis Pasteur's vine at Montigny-les-Arsures where he did numerous experiments on fermentation ;
Saint-Just's Church ;
The "Planches" Cave (around 5 km away) at the back of the particular "remote" that might interest geographs in the first place. Another well-known "remote" situates near this one is located near Chateau-Châlons ;
Sarret Grozon's museum, 18th century's town house with his collection of Gustave Courbet's paintings ;

This little, historic city attracts many tourists because of its gastronomy :
various restaurants (2 stars, michelin-guide) ;
medallist chocolate craftsman;
wine growers and many stalls for sale and tasting.


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